Vortrag für die Oberstufe am 15. Februar 2019

Frau Dr. Adriana Maldonado Chaparro kommt am 15. Februar vom Max-Planck-Institut für Ornithologie und berichtet zum Thema “The social life of zebra finches”. Der Vortrag findet im Saal 213 des Technischen Gymnasiums Waldshut statt und beginnt um 15 Uhr.

Animals that live in groups interact with each other in different ways leading to a variety of social relationships.

In this presentation I will talk about how animals that live in groups make “friends”, how they find a mate to breed and the relationships with their offspring. I will introduce the Zebra Finches, a great system to learn about the social behaviour of birds because they live in large groups and form pairs for life. To study these birds, and to understand their behaviour, I first developed an automated system with the help of students at the University of Konstanz. With this system, it is possible to observe the birds feeding, perching, preening, feeding their chicks and sometimes fighting. The birds carry backpacks with barcodes that a computer can read. This way, it is possible to learn about  the adaptations individuals have for living in large groups.

Pflichtveranstaltung für alle Teilnehmer der Oberstufe des Hochrhein-Seminars!

Gäste sind herzlich willkommen! Conrad / Goldau

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Vortrag für die Oberstufe am 15. Februar 2019
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